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Dr Parisa Pakzad

Dr Parisa Pakzad
Dr Parisa Pakzad
Strategic Land Use Planning/Green Infrastructure Sustainability NSW Department of Planning and Environment Sydney, Australia
Keynote Speakers

Dr Parisa Pakzad is a distinguished professional with a strong background in the field of green infrastructure and spatial analysis. Holding a PhD from the University of New South Wales, Parisa has dedicated her research and expertise to developing innovative GIS models for measuring and evaluating green infrastructure performance.

Currently serving as a Senior Planning Officer in the Department of Planning and Environmental, Parisa plays a pivotal role in strategic planning and design initiatives. Her expertise and insights contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable urban planning practices that seamlessly integrate green infrastructure and enhance the overall livability of cities.

Throughout her career, Parisa has successfully bridged the gap between the private and public sectors, leveraging her knowledge and experience to bring about positive change. Her collaboration with various stakeholders has resulted in the implementation of innovative strategies that prioritize sustainability, resilience, and community well-being.

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