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Welcome messages 2023 IALE World Conference

Local Organising Committee - Joy Obando

Joy Obando
Host of Local Organizing Committee (Prof. Joy Obando)

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee I am pleased to welcome you to Nairobi City, Kenya to the IALE World Congress which will take place from 10th -15th July 2023. The theme of the conference: ‘Transboundary Resource Management, Climate Change and Environmental Resilience’. We are happy to host you and wish to assure you that Nairobi is exceptionally beautiful, accessible and safe. July is an excellent time to visit Kenya, because the cool dry weather reduces the malaria incidence. It will also be a good time to visit the game parks and reserves to see wildlife and enjoy the post conference excursions. We look forward to welcoming you to Nairobi.

Africa-IALE President - Moses Cho

Moses Azong Cho
Prof. Moses Azong Cho

The first ever IALE World congress to be hosted by IALE Africa couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. At a time when our continent is at the crossroads of opportunities and challenges for sustainable development and when Africa IALE seeks to broaden its global footprint. We are buoyed by this opportunity and will not miss the chance to showcase Africa and the opportunities for sustainable landscape development on the continent to the global landscape ecology community. The conference theme “Transboundary Resource Management, Climate Change and Environmental Resilience” couldn’t be more fitting. It is well aligned with The African Union Agenda 2063, Africa’s development blueprint to achieve inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development. We therefore welcome all and sundry to the beautify city of Nairobi in 2023. Karibuni!

IALE President - Robert Scheller

Robert Scheller
Robert Scheller, IALE President 2021-2023

To the Landscape Ecologists of the World:

We are incredibly excited to welcome everyone to Nairobi for our 2023 World Congress!  Whether you are a long-time member of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) or you were invited to give a talk or you are simply passionate about landscapes and landscape change, all are welcome to learn and to connect and to share with us.  As the pace and scale of global change continues to accelerate, the world needs landscape ecology more than ever.

We are proud of our history bridging disciplines, seeking applied solutions, and connecting scientists and practitioners from across the globe.  Our host committee and host city epitomize this commitment. Africa generally, and Kenya specifically, contain some of the most diverse landscapes in the world and truly represent our shared future with global changes expressed as local management challenges.  No longer can we consider our landscapes - and their management needs, including for food security, biodiversity, and climate mitigation - as independent or isolated problems. All are connected by our global culture, economy, and climate. Therefore we need to learn and respond as a global community. Our solutions and adaptations must be global as well.  

Please join us for this exciting exchange of energy and information and reward yourself with the opportunity to explore and witness the incredible landscapes that Kenya provides!


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