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Organized Symposium/Lighting/Panel Sessions

Symposium/Paper Sessions [View Details]

  1. GeoAI, machine learning, and Big Data Analyses of Earth Observation Data for Climate Change and Ecosystem Resilience   
  2. Innovative planning and policy approaches for sustainable urbanized landscapes: impact, challenges and opportunities
  3. Improving biodiversity and ecosystem services monitoring for sustainable landscapes on the road towards 2030 conservation targets 
  4. Mountain landscape ecological pattern and function: response to climate change and adaptive management
  5. Using landscape ecology to build health landscapes for people
  6. Forest fragmentation under climate change and human disturbances: scales, mechanisms and ecosystem resilience
  7. Sustaining forests in mosaic landscapes
  8. Resilience of (agricultural) landscapes: how, when, and what to assess?
  9. Publishing and disseminating transboundary landscape ecology and landscape architecture research: challenges and opportunities
  10. Landscape Approaches for Nature Conservation, Development and Sustainability
  11. How do we incorporate vegetation, grazing and landscape heterogeneity to gain a better understanding of both grassland degradation and restoration processes
  12. How have coastal ecosystems recovered from low-frequency large-scale disturbances: a report 10 years after the tsunami disaster caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  13. Agricultural Landscapes in Europe and Africa for Sustainable Intensification
  14. Bottom-up Approaches for Nature Positive - the Way of Co-Design and Co-Research
  15. Landscape Ecology for Future of SDGs: A Paradigm Shift to Regenerative
  16. Development Goals
  17. Key messages from global south landscapes: challenges and opportunities in research from Africa and Latin America regions.
  18. Food sensitive planning levers for sustainability: scales and spaces 
  19. Landscape Planning for Transformative Change
  20. Landscape solutions to human-wildlife conflict management: Government to grassroots
  21. Equal challenges across equatorial and tropical landscapes: do fire disturbances drive ecosystem degradation or do we need better integrated landscape management?
  22. Seascape changes and drivers for sustainable resource management
  23. The impact of drivers of landscape change on landscape futures
  24. Green infrastructure for climate regulation of urban environments: policies, plans and models
  25. Global Change and the Dynamics of African Forest Landscapes
  26. Urbanization and landscape transformation along the rural-urban gradient
  27. Promote Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Development Goals    
  28. Co-development of urban NBS in the global south: Challenges, strategies and cases
  29. Improving landscape sustainability and resilience to climate extremes and external shocks across the urban-rural continuum
  30. Informal Settlements and Urban Landscape Change in the Global South
  31. Impacts of armed conflicts on landscapes

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Lightning Paper Sessions [View Details]

  1. Green Infrastructure as socio-ecological system: planning across borders 
  2. Productive urban and peri-urban landscapes – benefits, co-benefits and new modes of planning 
  3. Transboundary education of landscape at different levels

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Panel Sessions [View Details]

  1. What gender transformative adaptation strategies can build climate resilient livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa?
  2. Translating the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) into local practices: Towards transformative biodiversity conservation governance in Africa 
  3. Toward equitable publishing in landscape ecology: identifying barriers and solutions
  4. Do urbans agricultures are a lever to increase food security as well as social and ecological resilience?
  5. How to unlock the transformative potential of multilevel and integrative landscape approaches?
  6. Landscape Approach to Wildlife Management in India: A review and where do we go from here? 
  7. Resilience Academy – a transformative approach for climate resilient African landscapes in the nexus of open data, disruptive technologies, and community approaches
  8. Resilience and security of biocultural landscapes of arid regions        

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