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Conference Format & Details

Hybrid Conference Structure

The hybrid conference structure will provide an opportunity to increase participation and access to the IALE 2023 World Congress through taking steps to enhance the meeting experience for both in-person attendees and virtual participants.   

  • The conference will be held both in person and virtually with breakout sessions for the sub-themes. The virtual sessions in the conference will provide increased participation especially for students and participants from Africa who may not ordinarily afford physical conference presence
  • Symposium:
    • Breakout sessions: The breakout sessions will be a blend of both in-person/on-site and virtual sessions. We see this as an opportunity to increase participation of students from Africa and other developing countries. The breakout sessions will also be thematic in nature and will include special training sessions.
    • In addition, we plan to provide Special guest lectures, plenary sessions and “ask the author” networking sessions. 
    • Oral presentation sessions
  • Poster presentation sessions
  • Exhibition
  • Field excursions
  • A social dinner
  • Opening/closing ceremony: KUTV  (Kenyatta University Television Station) will be used to broadcast the opening ceremony and the keynote speeches to a wider audience here in Kenya

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